Vacancies At The Farmers

The Farmers Freehouse is a Modern Family Run Business that elegantly brings traditional values to the present day.

We are looking for stand-out characters that enjoy making our guests feel welcome and at ease.

Washer Upper!

Spartan of the sink! Whether you are big and strong or light and nimble you will deal with hundreds of plates in a shift, you will get through it all and make it look effortless.

You will receive many benefits as a reward:

Free soft drinks now and then

Meals when doing a full shift

A fair pay depending on age and experience

Fulltime and part-time available

Get to work with a fun team and a satisfying feeling that although your wands are a bit wet, you my friend are the ah what is known in the trade as the one person anyone wants to be without!

All hail the Spartan of the sink!


Date of Posting published 23/04/2021

Application Deadline 24/05/2021

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